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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Found my big girl panties

This morning started off rough; Cabin Girl woke up with a mild fever which Cabin Boy #1 had as a precursor to the croup he's currently fighting.  Cabin Boy #2 must be getting my immunities because he keeps fluctuating between mild fever and sleeping a lot to perfectly fine.  Poor CB1's throat is sore and he's coughing that nasty barking cough that panics every parent.  I nursed the baby, got the kids settled with their cereal then I went into the laundry room to get some laundry going and *splash*...

Flooded.  The toilet in the closet bathroom in the laundry room overflowed and flooded both rooms with at least 1/2" of toilet water.  Ugh.  Apparently there's no drain in our laundry room.  Awesome way to discover that.  Cue tears and angry text to The Captain (he's the only one that uses that bathroom).  Baby starts crying, big kids are yelling...  Eventually I just turned on the t.v. for the big kids, made sure baby was safe and happy, rolled up my sleeves and got down to business.

It's amazing the kind of clarity you can achieve when scrubbing.  While I wouldn't count it as a soothing activity it was definitely nice to have the precise goal of soaking up the water then mopping... twice.  Sometime during my cleaning I decided to start my day over and it helped.  I suppose making the kids take a nap at 11 helped a lot, too, but, there you have it.

Sometimes you just need to decide that the panties you're wearing will have to do.

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