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Friday, March 22, 2013

Dear mom on your iPhone: Seriously, how dare you?

I saw you sigh as you sat down on that bench after your kids went screaming onto the jungle gym, like you actually need a minute of peace to think.  How dare you have your own train of thought.

I watched you hand your kid a Happy Meal  instead of bust out a tupperware full of nutritious fruits and vegetables that were cleaned, cut, and packed with love.  How dare you think you deserve an easy day every now and then.

I heard your minimal reaction to your preschooler hitting the ground too hard at the bottom of the slide.  How dare you teach your kids to brush it off and move on.

Why can't you be like the mom over there, that's reading a book? At least she's engaging her mind.

Why can't you be like the nanny over there, who's knitting a shawl?  At least she's being productive.

Why can't you be like that group of women, who chose to meet here to let their kids play and socialize?  At least they're socializing, too.

Why can't you be like the helicopter mom, judging every other person on this playground because NONE OF THEM are 100% focused on their children?

How dare you be a realistic representation of us all?  How dare you.


  1. Well played, Domestic Pirate, well played indeed.

  2. Love it :) Found your blog on HonestMom's linkup.

    Meg from

  3. Nicely done!....
    how dare we indeed!
    Thanks for hooking up tot he Hump Day Hook Up.. Ps you're my favourite today because your post was awesome and SHORT! ;)

    1. Yay! So glad you liked it. Thanks for hosting!!!