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Friday, January 11, 2013

3 Cowls

This holiday season the Captain and I discussed doing homemade gifts for everyone.  Which roughly translated to me making gifts for everyone.  Which translated into, everyone's presents are going to be late, late, LATE, including Captain's.  

There were 3 gifts I DID finish on time though!
Mom's a Ravenclaw, but her heart belongs to Gryffindor.

Mom wanted a cowl that wasn't tight against her neck, but I know how cold she can get, so I made hers long enough to double up.  It's a simple pattern I came up with on the fly, done in the round, knit 6 rows in the main color, purl 4 rows in the contrast color, repeat until your desired width, ending and binding off with the main color.

Dad works outside a LOT.  Every day he has a project or two going on, so he wanted something snug.

He's a hunter, so I went with a color that would match his camo.
This was just a basic knit 2 purl 2 in the round pattern.  Super stretchy, squishy soft, and warm.

My mom's sister, who the kids call Gabby, is pretty trendy and loves the color purple almost as much as I do, so when I saw a skein of scrumptious purple Chenille yarn at the store, I had to get it.  AND, it included this free pattern!

She still hasn't sent me her picture, so she doesn't get to be immortalized on my blog for MILLIONS to see.  Hah.
I almost kept it.  But that would have been rude.

I still have a giant bag of yarn waiting to be made into lovelies for family and friends, so I'm off to knit!!

What great things did you make as gifts? 

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