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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Primal breakfast with link to Lemon Raspberry Pancake recipe!

I felt the need for berries this morning!
Technically, this is our second breakfast.  The kids do nothing but nag for food as soon as they get out of bed, so we usually give them a banana first thing and this morning they wanted apples as well.  

I think that's one of the big things I really feel like I'm doing right as a parent.  My kids LOVE fruit.  There was a long time Cabin Girl would choose fruit over sweets.  And when it's 'special' fruit, like berries we don't have often, they go NUTS.

So this morning I made these Grain Free Lemon Raspberry pancakes from The Urban Poser and topped them with 'Mom Jam' (the Captain's Mom always makes copious amounts of absolutely scrumptious raspberry jam; it does have a small amount of sugar, but since we aren't eating it on toast or sandwiches every day, I'm okay with it).  I cooked up some uncured pepper bacon and served everyone a small dish of Greek yogurt, topped with more berries.

Definitely nourishing.  Tons of protein, good fats, and the pancakes taste like little fried lemon curd cakes, so the kids think they're getting a treat first thing in the morning.

Cabin Boy #2 seems to be coming down with something, so for lunch I'll be taking some of the chicken I cooked up for the freezer and simmering it in bone broth with some onions and carrots.

After we watch the Seahawks beat the Falcons, OF COURSE.

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