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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We love themed stuff here in the Pirate house so, naturally, St. Paddy's Day is right up our alley!  

Of course, most of our holidays are centered around food...

Naturally green waffles from Paleo Parents topped with butter and honey jams, natural pork sausage, and broccoli scrambled eggs with raw cheddar and organic ketchup!

Egg salad with avocado mayo, cucumbers, and raw sauerkraut on top of diced celery.

Took a break from cooking and eating to paint our nails!
It's not St. Paddy's Day without corned beef and cabbage!

Dessert was a pistachio milkshake!  It was SO good.  Just shelled pistachios, a bit of raw milk, and some natural ice cream.  Not as green as I'd hoped, but the combo of salty and sweet in glass was phenomenal.
We hope the Luck of the Irish was with you and yours today!!!

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