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Monday, April 15, 2013

As useless as a single wing

There is some powerful propaganda floating around lately.  

Propaganda that elicits indignant anger more than thoughtful conversation, because people can't look past the imagined slights on their own opinions to see the real messages.

In some areas of our nation, children have better access to guns than a story, toy, or treat.

Those that know me understand that I am pro-gun rights, but advocate better gun policy.  I have yet to find a compelling enough argument to turn my opinion on high capacity assault weapons, despite many discussions with MANY different people about it.  But, when I say there needs to be better gun control, people tell me we may as well ban forks.  *Side note: This comparison has always boggled me.  When has someone's decisions regarding their own health affected the safety of their neighbors?  When I ask for a compromise, I am passed off as a liberal idiot who doesn't care about the rights of my fellow citizens.  The thing is: They are MY rights, too.  But which is greater?  Your right to arms?  Or another family's right to life?  What about a right to live without fear of whether or not your neighbor has an unlicensed firearm that is accessible by children, or someone with anger issues, a history of domestic violence, or a mental disorder?

The blame game is running rampant in our country.  THE LEFT WING wants to take away our rights!!  THE RIGHT WING doesn't care about our babies!!  THE LEFT is full of hippy idiots!  THE RIGHT is full of money grubbing warmongers!! 

I have a news flash for you:  All this flapping is getting us nowhere.  What use is a single wing to a bird of prey, like our beloved American Bald Eagle?  We flap and flap and flap, to our own rythms and desires, and yet the only way we can get what we need is by opening our mouths and screaming for someone to feed us, to sustain us, to take care of us and our problems, using our talons to claw at the OTHER wing to get it to do as we wish.

This isn't working.  On so many levels aside from gun policy.  Families are still failing to pay their mortgage; women's bodies are being subjected to the regulations of someone else's religious beliefs; our education system is getting worse, and students are noticing; our food supply is being monopolized and genetically modified by a pesticide manufacturer, small farmers are being bullied, and lawsuits threaten states that wish to give their consumers knowledge of the food they eat; parents with mentally ill children have no options for care.

Flap a little longer.  Scream a little louder.  But refusing to compromise or work together is only going to result in the continued degradation of our nation, our families, and our lives.  

Listen to your neighbor.  Learn something new.  Advocate for something you believe in.  Carry on a discussion with someone of a different opinion.  A creature that refuses to evolve will die out... why should it be any different for a country?


  1. Well, my original rant was too long for here. LOL. So I need to condense it. That will be hard, so I think you have inspired me to draft up and explanation paper for the masses. I totally agree with you, but had also admitted in my first rant, that I'm guilty of blaming I think. But, I dont think I'm wrong in that. Im sure they dont feel wrong either... but what I consistantly see, is the left... even though they may have a specific position on issues.... they are willing to negotiate. Guns for example... lots of libs could do without ANY guns. Or all except hunting rifles. (I'm one of the all but hunting needs gals...) but even still.... I bend on assault rifles. I think there is NO reason any civilian needs one, be it recreation, self defense, hunting... you name it. But I bend. And I say, fine... have it. But will you submit to a background check? Would you sacrifice your ability to upgrade to 100 round clips and reload a few times instead? But.... its not good enough. Its the right who never comes across to the left as far as I see it. I know, I'm blaming. But it's that way on all issues. I'm PRO abortion by any means. Im pro choice. But will agree with them... no late term stuff... etc... and even though I'm pro choice... wouldnt judge somebody who seriously thought it was evil. They refuse to budge again. Its ALL bad. Screw your rights. The gun thing... they all say its a way for big brother to slowly start taking rights away.... if they take high mag clips... the next thing will be the gun... then the next gun... etc. Womans rights? Nah.. that shit is okay. If they take away my right to choose what I do with my own body... why dont they see that as the same slippery, my right to work? Vote? They are brats. It's all or nothing. I'm going to officially kick off my blog now... so I can go in to depth. We who get it.... need to just keep fighting back. Challenge the fiction that's put out... even if we are "misinformed" idiots.

  2. * i'm NOT pro abortion by any means... i mistyped above.

  3. I have been ACTIVE on political crap this week. And, I cant believe the LEAPS that are made. Obama is behind Boston... paid CIA agents to bomb innocents to divert attention from him slipping money to the muslim brotherhood... Sandy Hook.. Obama paid actors to pretend they were victims. Let me just say as a side note... God forbid, one of my kids had been a victim in that... and a bunch of ignorant idiots started running around pretending it was a hoax and disprespecting the life of my child that way... I'd just probably have to forget how much I hate guns for a second, and go get one of my own. The people spreading this crap, claim to be the party of family values. Yet are completely insensative to families. Anyhow, I get arguing over some of this stuff... and was mind blown. I put out facts.. could back them up.... am educated on how goverment actually works... etc. I dont know it all, no... but they act like I'm writing fiction. Yet they can get behind every wack conspirocy theory there is... when I challenge them... they have nothing for me other than "i know for a fact" because this dude I follow said so. Me and the other 60 nutcases that follow him, we get it. And its so bad... it's reposted at crazy rates, and slowly sucks in more and more people. And, it makes me SO sad... the tactics used to get people to vote for the party that could care less about them. People voting republican would be better served by the left. The left loves gays and choices.... but the right is the family values party? As they lie, cheat, steal.. and continue to block bills that would help you raise a family... gay or not? I'm seriously going to put some work in to this. I was SCARED at some of the things I read on these links.... I decided to read just to see... what am I missing. Its scary dark, weird creep shit. I know some smart repubs... so I want to say that before I type my next sentance. They are not all bad. Some of them really believe the right is about families and hard work, etc. But for the most part, I see a party that is completely uneducated and gullable. Maybe I happen to know extreme rights...I dont know. Even normal one's back all this kind of crap. And my party that I whole heartedly feel has me and the entire countries best interests at heart... takes the fall for it all because we have a "majority." There is NO talking any sense in to them about how it works. Majority or not... 51 seats doesnt equal 60 votes... we need 9 of their guys to bend the way we all have. Because as these bills are drafted... the gun thing... dems have bent. They propose things that are a small portion of what they actually feel... trying to get to that middle ground. But nobody is interested. How will they get re-elected in their repub districts if it becomes public that they voted for gun control? It's sick. So I guess in the mean time, innocent little babies can just keep dying. Like you said.... the right to a gun trumps the right to life. And it's sick. Cause none of them in WA could give a shit less about guns. It's just a platform they use to get votes.