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Friday, February 8, 2013

I may be an ass, but you will always think twice about carseat safety now.

Car seat safety.  

It's like the 'shoe shopping' talk of parenthood.  Someone mentions the new standards and people start to gaze off into the distance dreaming of things like dancing cats.

But it's SERIOUS, people.

Oh sure, "I grew up laying in the back window of my parents' station wagon, and I'm fine!"  

Or, "We drove home from the hospital with you on my lap in the passenger seat!"

Yes.  Yes, I know.  But today, in so many ways, is so, SO frighteningly different.  The food we eat, access to television, the internet, cell phones, and travel are all so different.  Standards are constantly being updated and changed for a reason!  Yes, it's hard to keep it all straight, and it's another huge worry point that a lot of parents, especially first time parents, tend to overlook.

The reason for this post:

I saw a picture on FB today of a friend's 15 month old in his carseat and the FIRST thing I noticed was that he had a winter jacket on underneath the harness.  Okay.  It's not SO bad, as long as you snug up the harness, right?  Except, the clip was crooked, visibly below armpit level.  And, he was forward facing.  And, oh man, is that the rear latch strap going across the seat next to it to the other side of the headrest to clip in?  

Usually, I let other peoples' parenting choices be just that; other peoples' choices.  But I couldn't this time.  Mother help me, I just COULDN'T say nothing and leave it to chance that he might be okay should they get in an accident.  So I sent my friend a message. 

Now, when his wife was in labor, I sent him a few helpful tips that I wish someone would have shared with Captain or I during our first labor and delivery.  I specifically said, in one way or another, 'You can totally tell me to stuff it if you don't want anymore unsolicited advice from me,' but he seemed pretty happy to have the information.  We've known each other since grade school and have an easy enough rapport that I'm confident he'll tell me when he doesn't want my advice or opinion.

I just hope he took my concerned message to heart.  Even if it makes me look like an ass by pointing out all the things he was doing wrong with his son and he unfriends me, or whatever, at least now he'll think twice about it whenever he buckles that sweet little boy into his car seat.

The 2012 Guidelines for carseat safety are here but they can be changed and updated at any time!

Have you ever spoken up when you noticed a child's safety in question?

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