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Friday, July 19, 2013

Big Bloggy News!

Look Ma!  I have my own website!
That's right!  I'm officially self-hosted now!

What does this mean for me?  It opens the doors for things like sponsorships and paid blogging opportunities.

What does this mean for you?  I can start participating in cool giveaways, which means free stuff for YOU!

If you were participating in the Unicorns Fart Glitter blog hop, head over to the new page here:

Glitter Fart Hop
Don't forget to replace your button so it takes your followers to the new page instead of the old one!

If you have my blog button on your page (which, thank you, I love you so much), don't forget to replace that, too!

Domestic Pirate

Lastly, I want to give a hug cyber hug to all of you, my dear mateys, for making this move possible.  The only reason I was able to even consider putting money into this is because of your amazing support of this little piece of me that I love sharing with you.  So,

From the bottom of my rum deprived heart.


  1. Congratulations on the move! :-D

  2. Congratulations on going self-hosted. I'm afraid I don't have the balls. And my live-in techie leaves for college next year so I'd be paralyzed.

    Looking forward to all your new ventures.