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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Stop Making Senseless Murdering a Contest

In the wake of the Zimmerman case there are a million and one posts about 'this white guy being killed by that black man and the media didn't say a word' and 'this black guy was killed by this white guy and not one news agency reported it' and, frankly, it sickens me.

You do no one any good by making it a contest.  In fact, you make it worse.  You're creating the lines that are being crossed between a humanity issue and a race issue.  If 'our side' has more unreported brutal murders than 'their side,' we can continue to play to victim without guilt.  It will give us an explanation for the senseless deaths of more good people; Well, of course this was done by a *insert race of choice* guy, just look at how many other killers there are that look like he does, or come from a similar circumstance.  It continues to feed the fires of this race oppression battle that's raging around us.

YES, there is racism in our country, in our world, against all races.  I'm not saying it doesn't exist.  I'm not saying ignoring it is the answer.  But continuing to point out the races in certain travesties from your place of privilege doesn't help.  

This shouldn't be a black/white/brown/pink issue.  It should be a people issue.  Quit bitching about someone from your race going unnoticed and mourn them, along with the countless others of countless other races whose senseless deaths have gone unnoticed, too.