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Monday, July 8, 2013

A Week of One

This week Cabin Girl and Cabin Boy #1 are staying with family across the state, so it's just Cabin Boy #2 with the Captain and I.

Just CB2.  

It is so weird.  

It's quiet.  It's less messy.  It's more manageable.  

And my awesome brain decided a while ago that, during this week, I would get shit done.

But, I'm vetoing that decision now that we're here.

Because CB2 has never had the one-on-one time his siblings had.  CG was an only child for over 3 years.  CB1 had solo time with me for 2 years while CG was in preschool a few hours most of the week.

So this week, I am devoting myself to focusing on this one child.

Listening to this one pair of feet pitter-patter.

Feeding this one demanding mouth.

Snuggling this one warm body.

Playing with this one curious mind.

Burbling this one soft belly.

Naptimes and bedtimes have been rough already.  He doesn't know what to think about big brother not being in the room with him at night.  And there have been a few times he's asked for sissy, not quite understanding what I mean when I say she's not here.

For now though, he's enjoying the choice movie spot on the couch, without having to fight for it.


  1. So sweet! Glad you're getting some quality fun time with your youngest. :)

  2. Aww! One on one time is indeed precious! Enjoy your week!