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Monday, June 3, 2013

Month of May- Monday Wrap-Up

Holy crap, it's June already!

Apparently, I need to stop blinking, because that's how fast the time goes.

Aside from celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary and hitting over 150 Facebook fans, this is what happened around the Pirate house and blog in May:

On my Facebook page, I shared articles on the Dangers of Processed Meats, how an amendment for GMO labeling was shot down in Congress, and that experimental GMO wheat has been discovered in US products.

This month, I posted a tutorial on how to bleach your own design onto a t-shirt: Kraken Maternity Tee
I wrote about why I won't be hiding the aspects of my person that some people may not like anymore:  Just Be- About Me, the Color Purple, and Why I Won't Tone it Down Anymore

Penned a letter to my friend dealing with infertility: Letter to My Best Friend
And shared pictures and details about my awesome Mother's Day gift, a whole day and night out with my local bestie: Mud Runs and Mom Proms.

I also made a frame out of sticks we collected on a field trip for Cabin Boy #1's preschool teacher, knitted a bunch of baby gifts for my due date buddy's secret exchange present, jumped on the Baby Mugging bandwagon started by Mommy Shorts, updated the boys' mohawks, and took Cabin Girl rollerskating for the first time.

If you're looking for something to do aside from chores this week, take the time to check these posts out!

My Summer in Numbers from TheShitastrophy
 An honest look at what to expect over summer vacation.  I hope we have enough snacks.

You want a Snickers?  That'll be a 5k, please.

Parenting without religion, Part 1- Prayer from Slow Down: People Breathing
On how you don't need religion to raise good, considerate kids.

Summer fun activity!

The War for Peace from Stantose
"Good job Mommy.  You're OK."

A Reason to Sing from Sloppy Copy Mommy
"Tonight, I decided that this is what it’s all about. We hold them close, we love them, rock them, sing to them, and suddenly one day they’re singing the songs themselves. Rocking their sisters in little rocking chairs, holding doll babies close. They’re copying the way we love, the way we live. "

Providing excerpts, and hilarious insight, from The Total Woman on how to "make your marriage come alive"... 70s style.

Kids Food Rules from Science of Parenthood
The sad and hilariously true reality of why your kids may not be eating what's on their plate.

10 Confessions of a Regular Mom from It's Not Like a Cat
The first 5 of 10 confessions.  How many can you relate to?

Excellent advice for newbies to streamline their blog.

Here's looking forward to a busy June!


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    1. *starstruck* Thanks so much for checking me out!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing my Summer in Numbers, I am hitting Sam's Club tomorrow to get the mega pack of snacks for the 7yo, I'm gonna need it:)

    1. Of course! I'm planning a trip to Costco next week for the exact same reason!!